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Flight By Nothing is a five-piece indie rock band based in Austin, TX. The band combines the elements of lush vocals, electrifying guitar leads and solos, melodic and funky bass lines, smooth electric keys and synths, and bold, steady beats to tie it all together into one cohesive sound. They formed in Dallas, TX in 2016 with members Porfii (Bass), Conner (Vocals/Guitar), Huey (Vocals/Keys), and Sam (Drums/Vocals), when the band was still in high school. The full-band lineup was complete when Pacco (Guitar) joined the band after seeing them perform at a bar in Dallas. 


The band has been featured in Dallas’ popular nightlife, music, & culture magazine, Central Track, which listed the band’s single “Calm Down” on Dallas' Best New Music: 2021's Top 100 Area Songs., ranking in on the top 20.

“Austin is pretty lucky to have a new band with luscious, funky tunes to fill its music venues…” -Stephanie Salas-Vega; Central Track. 


An EP is set to release in the summer of 2022, with a track titled “Heatwave” already released. The extended-play will feature tracks they’ve written while performing live across Texas in 2021. 


The five members note their musical influences to artists like The Strokes, Young the Giant, The Neighbourhood, Parcels, My Morning Jacket, Anderson .Paak, Flea, Bootsy Collins, & Jimi Hendrix

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